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Web Design Wakefield

Web Design Wakefield


by A.S. Software Solutions


Web Design Portfolio

This web design portfolio is a small sampling of web sites we have developed. While we have great appreciation for each and every one of our past clients, there’s just too many to fit into this space.
With that in mind we have a selection of sites, to show the kind of range we can do from large detailed sites to ecommerce and smaller more personnel sites

For your own quote or any further details please contact us

 The Wesley Group  

The Wesley Group

Needing a web site for a large amount of products, data and Manuals, the Wesley Group web site has grown to over 200 pages and comes up well on the search engines.Visit Wesley group site

Donna Wallis Lingerie

Donna had a fair number of products and required a ecommerce store with lots of products sizes and attributes, all working through a variety of payment systems, uploaded to the search engines and geting some good organic listings
 Donna Wallis Lingerie
 Reactive Profiling Services Ltd  

Reactive Profiling Services Ltd

reactive profiling services is a local laser cutting company who required a website to promote there business, the site was written in PHP with styling in CSS and the use of Flash videos to show how there machine operate and the quality of work produced.

My Thai Visa

My thai visa helps out with visa application, requiring a standard site and payment system, A file system site using PHP and CSS, all headers etc imported, paypal for the payment system
 My Thai Visa

Discover the real you

Life coaching web site, designed in PHP and styled in CSS.
Small use of flash for some movement on page.

Q Services

Pressure washers repairs and services, site done in HTML and CSS with a little bit of Flash for the logo

Nesomoray British Shorthair Cats

Site coded in HTML and styled in CSS, Simpler and quite cute site to suit the market.

C & G Services

E-commerce site with the payment system not turned on, Nice site easy to surf and find your way around, client left with the ability to easily add more categories and products as and when they choose with a powerful back office system
 c and g services